Welcome To Y. Kaufman Realty

Welcome To Y. Kaufman Realty

Welcome To Y. Kaufman Realty

Selling your home can be a difficult experience. It involves a lot of knowledge, money, time, hassle, and can be very stressful.


However, it is not supposed to be that way. All you have to do is make sure you are dealing with the right people. At Y Kaufman Realty, we understand the challenge you are going through and we are taking care of every little detail. every house that comes under our hands is treated like our own.


We are buying houses as-is, repairing an ugly house is our specialty, quick closing, fast cash, and making sure selling your home should be an exciting time for you and your family.

We Pay Cash For Your House
You hate it. We love it. The perfect match.

Whatever your reason for selling is, and whatever condition your house is, we can and will handle it.

We buy houses as-is, Let us worry about the condition of the property because this is what we do.

Don't believe us, see it for yourself! call us now for an offer.
We Fix Up The House
Keep The Neighborhood Nice And Clean.

See an ugly house down the street? contact us! We will track down the owner and we'll ask them to sell us their property.

Knowing what will happen to the property is important when deciding to whom to sell.

Do the community a huge favor and call us, the rest leave for us to take care.
We Will Sell Or Rent The House
More Housing For The Community.

You see, It's all about keeping the neighborhood nice and clean.

Help us make sure the properties in the area is being sold to a specialist who understands the lifestyle of the neighborhood.

When the house will be occupied by a new resident you will be able to tell the difference...

The street will finally look beautiful again!
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To You It Looks Awful, To Us It Shines.

We love what we do. Old houses are perfect for our business, don't worry about the age. Even if the house is older than your father, we want it!

Put away the paintbrush, You don't have to do any repairs on the house.

We will buy the house "as-is". Leave the hard work for the professionals. Accept our offer and walk away with your cash!
It's Time To Move On, Get Rid Of The House Quickly.

stoves? microwave? toaster? radiator? heating systems? gas leak? candles? fireplace? Children playing with matches?

Well, I'm sure you're tired of answering all these questions to the fireman and everyone else. How about a different question: "Would you like to sell that house?"
Hope You Are Not Inside That House. If You Are, Get out!

Who ruined that house, hurricane? Termites? Mold? Bad tenants? Sell it to us and run as far as you can!

We will probably sell it to our partner who buys vacant lots to build new developments. But hey, You own the house, you need the money, you will get it.
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We Are Problem Solvers. What Ever It Is, We Are Here To Help.

It's not too late to avoid foreclosure. after your house goes into foreclosure there is not much left for you to do.

Sell the house as long as it belongs to you for a reasonable price and make sure your credit is not getting ruined in a non-fixable way.
Brand New Job In A different State. Never Come Back To Worry About The House.

Why travel back and forward to fix or try to sell the house? Leave the hard work for us. Keep your head focusing on your new job and we will deliver your check wherever you are
Bad Memories, Or Partnership Difficulties.

We really don't like talking about bad things and most likely, so do you.

We know it's hard to move on. However, here is the thing, moving fast to decide whatever you plan to do with the property is the key to save you time, money, and hassle

Let's discuss your options, call us in your first chance.
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Sell Your House Now!

Or just pick up the phone and call me now for our best cash offer